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We service, refurbish, buy, provide parts, and provide technical support for:

ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer
ABI 377 DNA Sequencer

Reagents and consumables: In the past JBI has always recommended using AB consumables and reagents; however, now there are many quality 3rd party products that can save you thousands of dollars in reagent costs. JBI will release more information soon on making your own consumables or reagents, and information on where to obtain reasonably priced 3rd party consumables and reagents.

Software and Instrument CE licensing for Genetic Analysis instrumentation: All software licenses (except ABI 377 and 310 Data Collection) must be obtained from Applied Biosystems/Life Technologies, Data Collections software may transfer with the sale of an ABI 310 since the software does not contain an Oracle 3rd party data base. Please contact your local LTC/AB sales rep for instrument licensing and data analysis software purchase. There are several companies who have developed reasonably priced alternatives to the LTC/AB analysis software, please purchase and support one of the 3rd party software providers.


JBI Scientific…Sales, Service, and Support for ABI 310 and ABI 377 DNA Sequencers.