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Phone: 936 294 0521

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: JBI Scientific offers video and telephone technical support to resolve your issues quickly and at less cost to having an On-Site Service Call.

FOR TELEPHONE SUPPORT CALL: 936 294 0521, or click the About Us button to email or call the cell phone of one of our engineers who specializes in your product.

Video Support: We use FaceTimeFaceTime and Pasted Graphic for video technical support. Set up an account through one of these services, you can click the icon of your choice to begin the account set up. We have found the FaceTime application used with the iPhone4S or iPod Touch 4 produces the most reliable video stream. If you do not have access to one of these devices you will need to use Skype and a webcam that is capable of providing good quality video in low light conditions. It is also helpful to have the camera attached to a 16’ USB cable so you can position the camera for proper viewing. The internet connection and speed is also critical to achieving quality video.

The first 30 minutes of tech support is free. After the initial 30 minutes we will give you plan of action and an estimate for the repair of your instrument. The estimate may require additional tests to determine where the failure is occurring.

Most simple issues can be resolved by the customer with technical support from one of our Engineers. If your issue is not resolved through video or telephone support a service call can be opened.

USING APPLE FACE TIME BEHIND A FIREWALL: If you are experiencing issues/problems connecting through FaceTime click on the following link to insure your network is configured properly http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4245

DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD CENTER: Click HERE to visit our document download center. Applicable PDF documentation and manuals will be posted for service and support reference.
Service/Troubleshooting Videos: JBI Scientific has posted videos to Pasted Graphic 3 for simple parts replacement and troubleshooting. We are always adding new video. Not all of the video is posted for public viewing so Contact Us for the latest video links.

Voyager Laser Light Replacement

Measuring the Voyager Compressor Output

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