AB Sciex finally released a Windows XP OS computer for the Voyager DE, DE PRO, and DE STR. The AB Sciex list price is $8,900. JBI has been selling this upgrade since 2007. Buy your computer from a company that has a proven track record running Voyager software on Windows XP OS.

The JBI complete upgrade includes the computer system, new monitor, on screen sample video monitor that can be used to remotely operate the Voyager computer.

UPGRADE YOUR OLD COMPUTER SYSTEM TO THE JBI SCIENTIFIC VOYAGER COMPUTER FEATURING: Microsoft® Windows XP® operating platform, 2.8 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HD (optional Solid State Drive), and USB 2.0 Ports. Your current computer must be using the Acqiris or Signatec digitizer to purchase this upgrade. INTERNET SPECIAL CLICK HERE FOR QUOTE.

Windows XP OS TIFF

JBI Scientific
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